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Best Weight Loss Program

Slender Fit U

With Slender Fit U you can get slim and skip the gym. Slender Fit U’s medically monitored hCG weight loss program turns your body into a fat-burning machine. Over the past ten years, it has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and keep it off.

Patients will lose pounds and inches by taking a tiny dose of hCG and following a very specific low-calorie diet, eating real food including proteins, fruits and vegetables. Most Slender Fit U dieters report losing between one-half and two pounds per day without exercising. Generally, men lose more weight than women while on the program and women tend to lose more inches than men.

Slender Fit U does more than just help patients lose weight – it actually reshapes the body. Because you are losing excess fat, not muscle mass or tone, you do not end up with saggy skin after completing the Slender Fit U program. Upon completion, you will also have reset your metabolism and corrected the hypothalamus resulting in permanent weight loss. 

Slender Fit U will help you modify your relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss. In fact, 90% of patients do not gain back any of the weight they lost.