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Best Private School

David Posnack Jewish Day School

5810 S. Pine Island Rd., Davie

The David Posnack Jewish Day School offers a unique, challenging, educational experience, combining an intensive focused secular education with an innovative, exciting Jewish curriculum. The school offers K-12 classes and is fully accredited. At Posnack School, they are concerned not only with students’ academic accomplishments but also with their social and character development. This is achieved most successfully when parents and school staff work together in a dynamic learning environment. 

At Posnack School, every child is nurtured to reach their potential. Combining academic rigor in general and Judaic Studies with award-winning arts and sports programming, the school prepares students for lifelong achievement. The Posnack School draws upon the Jewish ethos of hard work and study to produce graduates of the highest caliber, acceptable to the most prestigious institutes of higher education.