A woman brings an old man something on a tray

Best In-Home Senior Care

Seniors Helping Seniors

For many seniors, performing the most simple tasks can become a challenge and while they may need help with day to day activities, they may not want to live with their children or in an assisted living facility. For those individuals, Seniors Helping SeniorsĀ® is here to help.

For the past six years, Seniors Helping Seniors has been pairing seniors in need with active seniors who can empathize and understand their needs. 

They are a licensed agency that provides companionship care to seniors who need a little bit of help to stay home independently. 

Seniors Helping SeniorsĀ® matches people and caregivers based on common interests. They employ people that are genuinely interested in helping others, who are caring and compassionate and can relate to the people they are caring for.