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Best College Test Prep Classes

Broward Tutorial Services

2883 Executive Park Drive, Suite 104

As Broward County’s premier test prep company for the ACT, SAT and PSAT, Broward Tutorial Services works with students at all levels to help them reach their highest potential. It offers exceptional small group and private one-on-one tutoring as well as one-day workshops to help students prepare for these critical exams. For those students wanting to get a jump start on the SAT and ACT, Broward Tutorial Services is adding a special sophomore test prep program.

Broward Tutorial Services was founded in 2004 on the simple premise that all test preparation and tutoring programs are only as good as the teacher. Its team of tutors has spent extensive time studying the tests, analyzing the mistakes students make, and uncovering the traps that test writers like to set. Students are taught critical test-taking skills such as how to manage the test, how to eliminate mistakes, how to use the process of elimination, how to maximize what they know, how to understand the questions, and how to set target scores. Students also learn to empower themselves, to get into the zone, as well as patience, pacing and more.